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Weekend Preview June 18, 2011

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There is scheduled to be two coupon inserts in this weekend’s paper:
1 Smart Source
1 Red Plum


This Week’s Savings! June 16, 2011

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I did all of my shopping for this week on Tuesday. I made five stops, but the drug stores were really quick this week!

My first stop was RiteAid. I only purchased one item. My subtotal was negative 0.01, so I only paid tax. Plus, I got back 1.99 in +Up Rewards…so better than free!!

Next, I headed to CVS. I spent 0.51 + tax and got back 10.99 in ECB’s!!

Then, on to Walgreens. Spent 0.50 + tax and got back 6.00 in RR’s!

Now it was time to head to Publix. I spent 34.14 + tax and saved 48.34!! Here’s what I got, with the final price paid for each item:
1 bag tortilla chips…2.00
2 bags Craisins…1.23 each
1 pkg beef for stir-fry…4.09
1 chuck roast…9.11
1 French’s worcestershire sauce…OVERAGE of 0.01!!
1 lb Ranier cherries…2.99
1 Blue Plate mayo..2.99
1 pkg lunch meat…4.69
4 bottles Dial body wash….Total OVERAGE of 2.06!!
1 pkg Arnold deli-flats bread..1.85
2 jars Mt. Olive salad cubes…1.10 each
2 bottles Pompeian olive oil…3.00 each
2 boxes Bayer Advantage..Total OVERAGE of 1.02!!
1 container feta cheese…2.00
1 bottle Mrs. Butterworths syrup..1.88
I also used a $5 off of $50 coupon

Last stop was Kroger. I spent 51.83 and saved 33.22. This is what I got:
2 pkgs Tyson chicken breast…3.88 and 4.06
1 pkg Keebler cookies..1.39
2 gallons Blue Bell ice cream…2.39 each
1 large sour cream…2.00
1 container fresh mushrooms…1.54
1 pkg pepperoni…3.09
2 bags shredded cheese…2.84 each
1 large pkg Cottonelle toilet paper…3.99
1 pkg bagels….1.49
1 brownie mix..1.25
2 boxes Cheez-its…1.95 each
1 box corn flakes…1.89
2 cans soup…0.68 each
1 container baby wipes…0.49
2 bags brown rice…0.69 each
1 pkg flour tortillas…0.99
4 peaches…1.54
2 containers strawberries…1.68 each
2.14 lbs grapes…2.74
1.87 lbs bananas…1.03

Prices are sure going up, but all in all, not a bad week. How did you do this week?