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Saved 24% at Kroger January 19, 2011

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Kroger’s deals are getting less and less, but they are still cheaper on some of the non-sale items.  Today I spent $33.50 and saved $10.72 or 24%.  I had no coupons to use today.

1 gallon milk…2.58

1 cream cheese…1.69

1 can soup….1.00

1 pkg paper plates…1.75

1 pkg bagels…1.00

1 pkg Swiss cheese…2.35

1 pkg stuffing….1.99

1 Tropicana OJ….2.50

2 pkg chix breast….4.80 and 4.98

1.98 lbs broccoli….3.94

1 dozen eggs…..1.69

1 pineapple…..2.50

1.88 lbs bananas…..0.73


3 Responses to “Saved 24% at Kroger”

  1. Michele Bradfield Says:

    I thought it was my imagination b/c it seemed to be getting more difficult to get a big savings at Kroger! Now I know I am not going crazy. Why do you think that Kroger is doing that? Just curious.

  2. Barb Says:

    We may just be between the really good mega sales but the fact is that all stores are looking for ways to pass their increased costs on to the consumer. It’s been splashed all over Wall Street Journal, etc that commodity prices have gone up and the stores have had to eat the increases for quite some time. Not only are the stores eager to recoup the lost profits, but the shareholders are looking for news that stores such as Kroger have been able to successfully pass on the costs. It won’t be confined to one chain.

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