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An “Unusual” Week January 13, 2011

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We’ve had an “unusual” week this week!  Sunday and Monday we had a major (for Georgia!!) snow/ice storm.  It caused major traffic problems, even closing down parts of the interstates!  The schools have been closed all week.  I would think they would be open tomorrow, but who knows?!?  Since we homeschool, we haven’t been affected by the school closings.  We didn’t do school on Monday, but have done it the rest of the week.  My husband wasn’t able to get to work on Monday or Tuesday, so it was nice having him at home with us!  Also, my husband’s grandmother passed away, so we have visitation tonight and the funeral tomorrow.  So, all of this together had made for a very “unusual” week for us, made up of both fun times and sad times.  I’m hoping to get back on a more regular schedule next week!

Here are a few pictures of the snow/ice!

Jacob and a friend playing by the fire!

Playing football in the snow

Jacob and Greg


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