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Saved 88% at Publix!!! November 10, 2010

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Lots of good deals at Publix this week!!  Did a good bit of stocking up on cookie and brownie mixes for all of the holiday get-togethers when I need to take a snack!

I spent 10.29 + tax and saved 74.40 or 88%!!!

7 Pillsbury brownie mixes…….three of them were 0.17 each and the other 4 were 0.20 each

1 box Texas Toast…..0.32

2 bags Craisins…….1.12 each

6 boxes raisins…..0.50 each

5 boxes cookie mix…..0.10 each

1 bag Wise chips…..0.90

2 vit. D….3.02 in OVERAGE

1 vit. D and 1 children’s gummy vitamins……1.02 in OVERAGE!!!

2 Simply Smart milk…..0.79 each

3 packs FiberOne yogurt….0.25 each

2 CoffeMate creamers….0.50 each (used Food Lion coupon)

1 Peter Pan peanut butter……1.24

3 Stonyfield yogurts…..0.17 each



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