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Saved 89% at Publix!!! October 13, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — sandra @ 7:36 pm

Had a GREAT shop at Publix this week!!!  I spent $6.71 + tax and saved $51.78 or 89%!!!!

2 Progress bread crumbs….0.07 OVERAGE!

2 Ronzoni pasta…..0.61 OVERAGE!!

1 Hidden Valley drsg….0.27 OVERAGE

1 pack Thomas’ bagels….nc…..2.00

2 mulit pack Nabisco cookies…1.50 each

4 Yakisoba noodles….0.84 OVERAGE

2 CoffeeMate creamers….0.17 each

2 Classico pastas…nc…1.35 each

4 pkgs Athenos feta cheese….0.12 each!!

1 4pk Energizer rechargeable batteries…..FREE!!



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