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Made $14.82 at RiteAid!!! October 13, 2010

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RiteAid has some great deals this week!!  I spent 24.60 + tax, but got back $3 in +UP Rewards AND will get back $36.42 in SCR.  So, all in all, I got all of this for free + made a profit of $14.82!!!  I’m loving RiteAid lately!!

4 Gain dish soap….total profit of 0.44

1 Blistex….nc…1.49….will get back 1.49 in SCR

1 Neilmed NasoGel…..3.99…..will get back 5.99 in SCR ($2 profit!)

1 Neilmed Nasal spray…..7.99….will get back 9.99 in SCR ($2 profit!)

1 Kids Eeze Soft chews….nc….4.99…will get back 4.99 in SCR

1 Pediacare cold medicine….3.99……will get back 4.99 in SCR ($1 profit!)

1 Sucrets…….2.99…..will get back 2.99 in SCR

1 Palmer’s lip care….nc….1.99….will get back 1.99 in SCR

1 Comtrex……nc…..3.99….will get back 3.99 in SCR

4 Purex 3-n-1 Laundry sheets……paid $6 for all 4, but got back $3 in +UP Rewards, so 0.75 each!!


2 Responses to “Made $14.82 at RiteAid!!!”

  1. Gail Dixon Says:

    What is SCR and ECB, Sandra? I’m new at this!

    • Hi Gail! SCR stands for Single Check Rebate. It is part of RiteAid’s savings program. Most weeks, they will have a few items in their sale that have a rebate on them. Some of the rebates make the item completely free. You just need to go to and set up an account. Once you buy an item that has a SCR, you enter the receipt info online. You do this each week that you buy items with a SCR. At the end of the month, you go to your account and “request” your check. You will get a check in the mail for the amount of all SCR’s that you qualified for that month! Very easy to do and a great way to get lots of free stuff!! ECB stands for Extra Care Buck. This is what’s used in CVS’ savings program. First, you must have a CVS card…if you don’t have one, just ask at the counter. Have the cashier scan your card each time you check out. Each week, CVS will have certain items that, if you purchase them, you will get a certain number of ECB’s back. These will print on the bottom of your receipt. They are just like cash….so don’t lose them. Of course, they can only be used at CVS. For example, there is an item on sale for 5.99 with 3.00 in ECBs. You purchase the item for 5.99, and at the bottom of your receipt will be an ECB for 3.00. You can use this 3.00 ECB just like 3.00 in cash, the next time you make a purchase at CVS! Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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