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Are You Doing Hard Things? September 3, 2010

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Several weeks ago, my daughter and I attended the Do Hard Things conference.  It was a really great message that challenged the teens to “rebel against the low expectations” that society has placed on them.  Not only was it a challenging message for the teens, but it was very challenging to me, as well!  Since the conference, I have really thought a lot about what it means to “do hard things”.  I had always thought of this phrase as encouraging our children to do great things with their teenage years, and not just waste them.  I still believe that this is a major part of what that phrase means, but I believe that it also means doing the “hard things” in everyday life.  As I was thinking about this, the Lord really showed me how this applies not only to the lives of my children, but also to my own life.  The Lord has begun to show me that so many times I choose the “easy things” over the “hard things”.  I’m sure we’re all guilty of that at some time or another.  But really, how can I expect that I (or my children) will do “hard things” in the big picture of our lives, if we can’t (or won’t) choose to do the “hard things” in our everyday lives.  Again, I thought this conference was primarily for my daughter, but the Lord has really used it to help me examine my own behaviors.  Many times, I choose the “easy thing” of getting angry when I feel I’ve been wronged, rather than choosing the “hard thing” of showing love to those whom I feel have wronged me.  I often choose the “easy thing” of slacking in our homeschooling, rather than choosing the “hard thing” of lesson planning and keeping up with grading.  I find myself choosing the “easy thing” of being unforgiving and holding onto a grudge, rather than the “hard thing” of being forgiving and keeping no record of wrong.  I will choose the “easy thing” when I choose to read a good book, rather than choosing the “hard thing” of disciplining myself to be in God’s Word every day.  Way too often, I find myself choosing the “easy thing” of spending time on the computer, rather than choosing the “hard thing” of doing yet one more load of laundry.  Sometimes, it seems so “easy” to speak harsh words…it comes without even thinking!  But, why do I find it so “hard” to speak words of love and encouragement.  I could go on and on about the “hard things” in our everyday lives, but I think you probably get the picture by now!  I am just so thankful that my Jesus chose to do the “hard thing” when He gave His life on the cross on my behalf!  And if He chose to do that for me, shouldn’t I be willing to do a few “hard things” in my own life?  So, I’ll end this with the title of this post…..Are you doing “hard things”?

By the way, if you or your teen haven”t read this book, I highly recommend it.  And if you ever get the chance to take your teen to the conference…..Go!  You won’t be disappointed!


One Response to “Are You Doing Hard Things?”

  1. Mary Says:

    I am enjoying following your blog. What you said really spoke to me and made me think of something I just read: “We cannot teach that which we do not know.” – yikes. Sometimes I can sound so ungrateful and bitter and yet I expect my children to be sweet, grateful, and cheerful. I am so thankful for a forgiving God! You got me thinking about doing the “hard things” – so I need to get off the computer and do my laundry. 🙂

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