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Weekly Totals August 27, 2010

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These totals include all grocery, personal and household items for my family of 5.  This week, I shopped at Kroger, Publix and Walgreens.  (At Walgreens, I got 2 canisters of Folgers decaf coffee and paid with RR’s, so I only had to pay the tax which was 0.21!!)  I also got a produce co-op order.

I spent $65.72 + tax and saved $71.97 for a total savings of 52%.  So my total spent for the week including my produce was $78.22.  Much higher than I like it to be, but I bought quite a bit of meat, and the deals just haven’t been as good lately.  I’m hoping my total will be lower next week!

How did you do this week?!?


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