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Giveaways I’ve Recently Won!! July 16, 2010

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I’ve gotten really behind in posting here the last week.  I got a lot going on around here as we gear up for a new year of homeschooling.  I’m also STILL trying to tie up some loose ends from this past year!  I hope to catch up on a few posts over the weekend.  For starters, I thought I’d share some things that I’ve recently won in blog giveaways!

1.  I won the book Love on a Dime from the blog giveaway that Karin was hosting on her blog There has to be a Beginning.  Looks like a good book and I’ve added it to my stack of “to be read” books!!

2.  I won a book that highlights great Bed and Breakfasts.  AND….it has a gift certificate for one free night!!  This giveaway was hosted over at Faithful Provisions.  I can’t wait to pick a place to go!  Maybe my husband and I will go somewhere for our anniversary in September!

3.   Lacey over at Frugal Freebees was hosting this last giveaway that I won….$60 worth of coupons!  You can never have too many coupons, right!?!

Those are the fun things that I’ve won lately……what have you won?!?


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