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How Do You File All Of Those Coupons?!? and A Guest Post July 9, 2010

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Any of you that know me or have taken my Super Saving Strategies class, know that my preferred method of filing coupons is the “whole insert” method.  To me that is the simplest way to keep up with coupons and quickest way for being able to prepare for a shopping trip.  Well, over the past six months or so, I have really begun to accumulate many loose coupons!  So many, that they have become unmanageable!!   I was really trying to figure out the best way to get these under control, when I entered and WON a coupon binder giveaway from I am THAT lady!!!  I was so excited and began to think that this may be my answer!  I received my binder in the mail and I really like the concept!  I plan to continue using the “whole insert” filing method and supplement with the binder method for all of my “extra” coupons.  I’m planning on getting my binder set up this weekend and begin using it with my next shopping trips.  I’ll let you know how it works!

In the meantime, I asked Lauren from I am THAT lady to write a guest post about her binder system.  She has graciously agreed and her post is below.  Be sure to check out her site at  Maybe her system is just what you’re looking for to get your coupon stash under control!  Thanks Lauren!!

I started using coupons a little over 3 years ago as a means to stay at home with my son, instead of working full time. I had no idea how to use coupons or how to organize them.
I have tried many different coupon organization methods. The one I am currently using is called the Coupon Binder Method. I am going strong at using this one for 2 1/2 years now. I used to lug a big coupon box into the store with me!! Don’t believe me…..check this out…

Ah yes there she is….in all her coupon glory. I was totally ‘THAT’ lady when I carried a tupperware bin into the grocery store that would take up the entire front seat of the cart. This method is called the ‘Coupon Box’ method. It’s basically a “coupon accordion” on steroids. I love using the coupon binder so much more than the coupon box!
I recommend using a coupon binder for the following reasons:
Frees up hands so that shopping with kids is more manageable
You generally know what coupons you have, and can locate them quickly
Purging your collection of expired coupons is much easier
You know how many coupons you have because they are all organized in the same pocket

This method may take a little more time at home, but let’s face reality: it’s much easier to spend some organizational time up-front while my kids are napping at home than it is to be searching for and counting coupons while my kids are screaming at the grocery store. If you really want to be ‘THAT lady’, go couponing, with both kids screaming in tow.
Every week I cut and organize my coupons in the pockets of my coupon binder. I purge all the expired ones and make sure that all the new ones are in there organized. I make up my grocery list and menu plan, and have those in the front of my binder in a clear protective sleeve for easy viewing.
Before I head to the grocery store, I have my coupons that I know I am using in one of the front pockets dividers I have in my binder. They are set aside already, along with my grocery list and menu plan so I don’t forget what to get. I am a huge advocate of menu planning! It helps me stay within budget, and keeps me organized throughout the week. I don’t like to run back and forth to the grocery store during the week, I would rather do it in one trip and know that I have everything I need. As I am walking through the store I have my binder in my cart and I flip through the pages if I find something on sale, it takes seconds to see if I have a coupon for it. I love not having to flip through coupons anymore. I never have to guess how many coupons I have, because they are all right there in front of me and I can see within seconds.
I have great news for you!!!!!!
I sell “THAT’ lady coupon binders!!! You can purchase one for $15 over at my site If you live far away and I can’t deliver it to you then you can have it shipped for $9 Priority Mail.

What comes in the “THAT’ lady coupon organization binder?
Sturdy 1″ 3 -Ring Binder
choose from Pink, White, or Black
25 coupon organizing sheets
2 pocket dividers
8 dividers
8 sheets of Shopping List for the front of your binder
8 sheets to keep track of your Meal plan for the week.


3 Responses to “How Do You File All Of Those Coupons?!? and A Guest Post”

  1. Thanks Sandra, looks great. Have fun using your coupon binder! It is a lifesaver for me!!

  2. […] was invited by Sandra over at Frugal Fanatic to do a guest post about how to use my coupon binder. Sandra was the 1st winner of my coupon […]

  3. adventuresomeentrepeneur Says:

    I like this post as it shows that organization needs to be done and we can save some money. Keep up the good work!

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