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Weekly Totals June 19, 2010

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Here are my totals for the week.

Spent: $53.27 + tax

Saved: $127.73 or 71%

Plus produce co-op of $12.50

Total for the week: $65.77.  This is for all groceries, household and personal items for my family of five.

How did you do this week?


One Response to “Weekly Totals”

  1. I am a savings fanatic like you but I have not tallied my weekly
    expenditures and savings….I do keep a written record, though..

    All I know if it’s not on sale or I don’t have a coupon I won’t make a purchase. Truth is I prefer it be on sale and I have a coupon, also.

    I truly thank you for your lay-out.
    I love it!!!!

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