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Saved 96% at Walgreens!! June 10, 2010

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At Walgreens this week, I spent 1.66 + tax and saved $41.25 or 96%. Plus, I got back $5 in RRs.
1 Ben Gay Massage…..0.01 OVERAGE
1 Gillette Fusion razor…..5.89 (then got a 5.00 RR)
1 9 pk Charmin…..4.74
2 packs Bic Hybrid razors….0.49 each
2 packs orange slices…nc…0.39 each
2 packs caramels…nc…0.39 each


2 Responses to “Saved 96% at Walgreens!!”

  1. Tosh Says:

    That is awesome!!!! Love getting paid to shop 🙂

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