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Saved 51% at Publix! June 10, 2010

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I made my weekly shopping trip to Publix on Sunday.  You’ll not see a whole lot of produce, but that’s because I received a delivery from the co-op on Tuesday.
At Publix, I spent 33.86 + tax and saved 35.19 for a total savings of 51%. Almost $20 of this was meat. And almost $7 was cherries!!
London Broil….nc…8.13
Beef roast…nc….10.17
1 Valley Fresh Steamers…0.20
8oz bag Kraft cheese….nc…2.00
2.31 lbs fresh cherries…nc…6.91 (OUCH!! But we love cherries!)
3 Hunts ketchup….0.30 each
1 Sunmaid raisins……2.50
2 plum tomatoes…nc…0.37
2 Taco Bell dinner kits…0.85 each
4 Yo-Plus 4pks……0.25 each


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