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Great Deals at RiteAid Again This Week!! June 10, 2010

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RiteAid is really having some good deals lately!! Plus, this week they started offering +UP rewards. This seems like it will work in a similar way as CVS ECBs. They seem to have fairly long expiration dates…the one I got on Sunday doesn’t expire until June 26. I did two transactions. Picture is of both transactions together.
Trans. #1…I spent $1.52 + tax and will get back $5 in SCR!
2 Dawn dish detergent….0.01 OVERAGE on each
1 Lubriderm lotion….FREE plus 1.41 in OVERAGE! (used in-ad coupon and internet coupon)
1 Gillette razor…..5.99 (will get $5 back in SCR)
4 Pampers wipes….0.49 each
Also used a $5/$25 coupon
Trans. #2…I spent $8.36 + tax, but got back $4 in +UP Rewards and will get back $11 in SCR!!
1 Lubriderm lotion…..FREE plus 1.41 in OVERAGE!
2 Old Spice body wash…1.50 for both (got back $4 in +UP Rewards
1 Listerine mouthwash….2.99 (will get back $3 in SCR)
1 Blink Tears….5.99 (will get back 7.99 in SCR)
2 RiteAid nail polish remover….2.29 for both (on sale BOGO)
Also used a $5/$25 coupon


3 Responses to “Great Deals at RiteAid Again This Week!!”

  1. Tosh Says:

    That is awesome! Do you like the new +Up Program? I’m headed to Rite-Aid tomorrow! Can’t wait!

  2. I wish there was a RiteAid close by.

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