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Great Deal on Coppertone at CVS!! June 9, 2010

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Just wanted to share this great deal that I got on Sunblock today at CVS!  On Monday, when I was at CVS, I scanned my card and got a coupon for $5 off a $15 purchase.  The expiration date on it was 6-10, so I decided to go today and use it on the Coppertone that was giving ECB’s.  The deal is buy two Coppertones and get $10 in ECB’s.  I also had two $1 internet Coppertone coupons.  Well, when I got to CVS, the deal got even better!  When I scanned my card today, I got a coupon for $3 off a $15 suncare purchase and I got $2 in FREE ECB’s!!!  So, this is how I worked the deal:
2 Coppertones at 10.49 each =  20.98.
Used the $5/$15 = 15.98
Used the $3 off $15 suncare = 12.98
Used the two $1 coupons = 10.98
Used the free $2 ECB’s = 8.98
Paid for the rest in ECB’s and paid for tax with a gift card.
So, I paid nothing OOP, got two Coppertones and got back $10 in ECB’s!!
Hope you can get the same deal!!


One Response to “Great Deal on Coppertone at CVS!!”

  1. Wow! Great job! I barely ever get the great coupons out of the CRT machine. I went last night and bought the same bottles but they had 25% more in them. I had a $3/$15 suncare products and the coppertone coupons. Then I received the $5/$15. I guess I will use it for next weeks great deals!

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