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Book Review: A Summer Secret by Kathleen Fuller June 9, 2010

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I just finished reading a young adult book entitled A Summer Secret by Kathleen Fuller.  This is book one in the “Mysteries of Middlefield” series.  The book takes place in an Amish community.  The main characters are thirteen year old twins, Johnny and Mary Beth Mullet.  Mary Beth is looking for some privacy away from her “annoying” brothers, and ends up spending time in an abandoned barn that her parents had told her to stay away from.  As the story unfolds, Mary Beth realizes that she is not the only one that is spending time in the old barn.  She and Johnny discover that a teenage boy, Sawyer, has made his temporary home in the barn.  They learn that Sawyer is a run-away “yankee” who has experienced much pain and sadness in his life.  The twins try to befriend Sawyer and help him out.  After several months of keeping their friendship with Sawyer a secret from their parents, something terrible happens and their secret is out.  What will happen to Johnny and Mary Beth when their parents find out that they have been keeping a secret from them all this time?  And more importantly, what will become of Sawyer now that he’s been found out?

I don’t usually read young adult fiction, but I did enjoy this book.  The author keeps the story interesting and “real”.  The only thing that I didn’t particularly care for was that central to the story-line was the disobedience and deceitfulness of the children.  Although, in the end the author did try to point out the importance of obedience and truthfulness, I felt like the story almost condoned these actions for the good that came out of it.  All in all, though, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.  Would make a great way to open up the topic of obedience and truthfulness with our children!

This book was provided to me at no cost from Thomas Nelson publishers in exchange for my personal review.


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