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Saved 89% at Publix!! June 4, 2010

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I did REALLY good at Publix this week!! Lots of opportunity for overage!! I spent 24.87 + tax and saved 203.59 or 89%!!!
It’s a long list, so just ask if you have any questions!
7 Heluva Good dips…all FREE!
2 bags Planters Flavor Grove….1.00 each
1 Snyder pretzels…0.50
3 lb bag apples…nc…3.29
1 box Morningstar veggie burgers….FREE used man and Publix Qs
2 Yoplait Gogurts…0.70 each
1 NY Texas Toast…1.20
4 Luigi Italian Ice….0.50 each
6 bags Bagel crisps….0.35 each
1 box Nilla Cakesters…1.00
1 box Oreo Cakesters…2.00
1 box Oreo Fudge creams…0.49
1 bag Lays chips….nc…2.00
2 Tropicana OJ….2.50 each
4 packs of Bic men’s razors….0.25 OVERAGE on each!!
4 packs of Bic women’s razors….0.25 OVERAGE on each!!
3 travel packs of Schick razors….1.01 OVERAGE on each!!
4 Sominex…..1.31 OVERAGE on each!!!! Used man. and Publix Qs
4 bags of Mahatma rice….0.11 OVERAGE on each!!
2 boxes Kraft mac n cheese….0.32 each
2 McCormick GrillMates…0.20 OVERAGE on each!!
2 16 oz. Breakstones sour cream….0.44 each
2 Country Crock spreads…0.20 OVERAGE on each!! Used man and Publix Qs
2 Phazyme…..1.01 OVERAGE on each!!
3 Fisher Fusions….0.79 each
4 Lawry marinades…0.47 each
5 Travel Zantac….total of 6.55 in OVERAGE!!
2 pkgs ground chuck….3.74 and 4.10
1 top sirloin steak….9.39
2 Planters trail mix…0.50 each
2 Muir Glen tomato sauce…0.11 OVERAGE on each!!
1 pkg Oscar Mayer turkey bacon…FREE
1 Kraft cream cheese minis…..0.50
1 box Ronzoni noodles….nc…0.79
Also used a Kroger $2 off meat coupon


2 Responses to “Saved 89% at Publix!!”

  1. lauren Says:

    What coupon did you use to get overage on the travel size Zantac? Good job you did htis week!

    • Hi Lauren—
      I used two $5/2 and one $2/1 for the overage. Unfortunately, these coupons have now expired…I think they expired on May 31. There were some $2/1 printable out there though that would allow for some overage. Just google Zantac coupons and you should find them!

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