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A Little Rest and Relaxation!! May 26, 2010

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I know that I don’t have many readers at this point, but just in case you’ve missed me, this is where I’ve been!  Yes, we have just returned from a wonderful week of rest and relaxation on board Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas!!!  We had a great time, but now it’s back to the real world!!  We returned Sunday night, and I’ve been playing catch-up since then.  I’ve got quite a few posts that I want to put up, so hopefully that will get done today and/or tomorrow.

I hope that you get the chance to enjoy some fun, memorable days with your family this summer!!  I’d love to hear some of the fun things that you’ve got planned!!


2 Responses to “A Little Rest and Relaxation!!”

  1. Wende Says:

    Looks like soooo much fun!!! Did you get a “good savings” on it?

    • Actually, we got a great “deal” on it! It was a Christmas gift to our family from my husband’s parents…Ha! All five of us went, along with my husband’s parents, his sister and her family. Altogether, there were 12 of us. We had a blast! I’m just having a hard time getting used to not having someone around to clean up after me and cook all my meals!!

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