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Weekly and Monthly Totals May 2, 2010

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Here are my weekly and monthly totals:
Weekly: Spent $43.32 + tax and saved $227.70 or 84%. Plus 12.50 for produce co-op, so $55.82 for the week.
For the month of April, I spent $163.41 and saved $622.72 or 79%. Plus $50.00 for produce co-op, so $213.41. This averages out to $53.35/week.


One Response to “Weekly and Monthly Totals”

  1. Denise Schermerhorn Says:

    I am continually amazed at your savings. I spend double what do with coupons. I have to buy organic and natural food, due to various diets in my house.
    Eventually, I will get to where you are. Thanks for the inspiration!

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