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Weekend Preview April 24, 2010

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There are scheduled to be two coupon inserts in this weekend’s newspaper:

1 RedPlum

1 SmartSource


Fresh Produce!! April 23, 2010

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You may have noticed in my last few shopping trips that I haven’t bought any fresh produce.  Don’t worry..we are still eating a healthy diet!  Recently, I have begun participating in a produce co-op, so I don’t buy it at the grocery store anymore.  Instead, I receive a huge box of fresh produce every two weeks.  The cost is $25, so I just add $12.50 to my weekly totals.  Below is a picture of the produce that I received in this weeks delivery.


Kroger: Saved 57%

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At Kroger, I spent 14.56 + tax and saved 19.41 or 57%.
1 Kroger…2.79
2 Pillsbury crescent rolls…0.60 each
4 Yoplait Greek yogurt…0.10 each
2 pkgs boneless chix breast….nc…4.21 and 4.17
1 pk Lenders…1.79
2 Lady Speed Stick….FREE!


Saved 82% at Publix!!

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At Publix, I spent 15.82 + tax and saved 69.85 or 82%!!
1 Scrubbing Bubbles shower spray…0.01 OVERAGE! Used Publix and man. Q
1 chuck roast…nc…7.48
2 bottles Shout….0.11 OVERAGE! Used Publix and man. Q
3 Campbell’s soups….0.83 each
2 Dentyne gums….0.14 each
1 Sunmaid raisins….nc….2.50
1 Heinz vinegar….0.29
2 Birds Eye veggies…0.79 each
4 Ziploc bags….0.38 for all. Used Publix and man Q’s
2 boxes Orville Redenbacher popcorn…..both FREE! Used Publix and man. Q’s
1 4pk Kraft Phil. cream cheese minis….FREE. Coupon from Kraft First Taste (I think)
1 Yoplait Greek yogurt…FREE (home mailer coupon)
2 Emerald trail mix…..0.50 each
2 boxes Bayer aspirin…0.63 OVERAGE on each!!
1 Jello pudding 6pk….1.00
3 Mueller’s spaghetti…0.32 each
2 Tombstone pizzas…nc….1.74 each
1 pk Mission tortillas….0.75
Also, used a $5/50 coupon


My 0.60 Trip to Walgreens!!

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I did two transactions at Walgreens. (Picture of both together)
1 can mushrooms….0.50
1 Walgreens green bag…0.34
1 Nature’s Bounty Vit D…3.00
1 box Kotex tampons…2.49
Paid 0.33 plus tax. Got back $5 RR for vitamins and $2.50 RR for Kotex.
This transaction got messed up. I was attempting to get the Bayer aspirin, but the April IVC coupon would not work, so I asked her to void them off. She did, but I wasn’t thinking, and neither was she, that she had already scanned man. Q’s for the Bayer. So my total ended up being lower than it really should have been.
1 Nature’s Bounty Vit. D…..3.00
1 box Kotex Tampons….2.49
2 bags gummy bears…0.39 each
Paid 0.27 + tax OOP. Got back $5 RR for vitamins and $2.50 RR for Kotex


Only Spent 0.26 + tax at CVS!!

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At CVS, I spent 0.26 + tax. Got back $6 in ECBs.
1 can Bumble Bee tuna…nc…0.49
1 50 ct. Advil…1.99….Got back $1 ECB
1 Halle travel cologne spray……4.99. Got back $5 ECB
1 25ct CVS cotton balls….0.99. Used $1 CVS skin care coupon, so FREE
1 CVS paper towels….1.29. Used $1 off CVS paper product, so 0.29


RiteAid: Only 0.74 + tax after rebate!!

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At RiteAid, my total was 11.23 + tax, but I’ll get back 10.49 in SCR!  So all of this for only 0.74!!  (Price is after coupons)
2 4pk Reveal lightbulbs…2.00 each.  Will get back 4.00 in SCR, so FREE!!
2 hair color….1.99 each (used in-ad Q, man. Q, and VideoValue coupon)
1 Sea Breeze…3.76.  Will get back $3 SCR
1 box Kotex tampons…2.49.  Will get back 3.49 SCR
Also used a $5/20 coupon