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Fresh Produce!! April 23, 2010

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You may have noticed in my last few shopping trips that I haven’t bought any fresh produce.  Don’t worry..we are still eating a healthy diet!  Recently, I have begun participating in a produce co-op, so I don’t buy it at the grocery store anymore.  Instead, I receive a huge box of fresh produce every two weeks.  The cost is $25, so I just add $12.50 to my weekly totals.  Below is a picture of the produce that I received in this weeks delivery.


3 Responses to “Fresh Produce!!”

  1. boldbrackets Says:

    Man, I needed this blog in college…

  2. Wende Says:


    I thought this was coming from the farmers market, but most have little tags on them. Where is he getting his produce? We’re still considering it until our garden starts producing in about 6 weeks.

    • Hey Wende–
      Great question! I have been under the assumption that everything was coming from the Farmer’s Market, although, I’ve not specifically asked. I’ll see what I can find out and get back to you!

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