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Weekly Shopping Trip!!! April 9, 2010

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I did my weekly shopping earlier in the week, and got some great savings!  The only picture that I got was of my Publix trip.

Publix: Spent 10.89 + tax and saved 84.40 or 89%!!! You’ll notice that I didn’t buy any produce today. I just started doing a produce co-op this week. It’s $25 every two weeks, so in my totals, I’ll add in 12.50 each week.
3 Reach floss…Overage of 2.03!! ( On sale for 0.99 each, used a $5 off 3 from a magazine I think)
3 more Reach floss…Overage of 0.03!
2 pkgs ground chuck…nc…..2.80 each
2 travel size Schick razors….2.01 OVERAGE on each!
2 2liters of Cherry 7-Up…..0.10 OVERAGE on each!
2 cans Pam…0.93 each
2 Special K granola….1.00 each
1 bottle Kraft parmesan cheese…0.99
2 travel size Zantac…OVERAGE of 2.82
4 boxes Mrs. Pauls fish fillets…0.99 each (used BZZ Agent coupons)
1 Coffemate creamer…FREE
1 gallon…2.28
1 box Golden Grahams….0.50 (used 1.50 off peelie…only one I found…all others had obviously been removed :0(
1 top sirloin steak….nc….6.30
1 bag Craisins…nc…1.13
2 Bayer low dose aspirin….0.63 OVERAGE on each!
1 can mushrooms…nc..0.89
3 pkg FiberOne yogurt….0.25 each
Also used a $5 off of $50 coupon

At CVS, I spent 0.96 + tax and used 12 ECBs. Got back 13 ECBs, so all basically FREE!!
1 Complete contact solution….nc…8.99
3 Pantene……0.99 each (used $2 coupons from Vocalpoint)
1 Stride gum….nc…0.99
Got back 3.00 ECB for Pantene, 8.99 ECB for Complete and 0.99 ECB for Stride.

RiteAid: Spent 4.29 + tax and will get back 5.50 in SCR, so all FREE + some!
1 Gillette Fusion razor…4.00 (will get 4.00 SCR)
1 Oral B toothbrush….0.29 (will get 1.50 SCR)

Walgreens: Spent 0.35 + tax.
2 3pk Frixion highlighters….0.19 each
1 box Kotex tampons….2.49
3 Milky Way candy bars….after coupons, average to about 0.18 each
Used 3.00 in RRs and got back 2.50 in RRs

Kroger: Spent 14.27 and saved 8.58 or 38%.
1 loaf bakery French bread…nc….0.99 (markdown)
2 pkgs split chix breast….nc…3.63 and 3.67
2 Tombstone pizzas…nc…2.99 each


2 Responses to “Weekly Shopping Trip!!!”

  1. FrugalMom Says:

    Wow, you did fantastic!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    you did awesome!!!!

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