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Pantry Tithe April 8, 2010

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Each week I take a “tithe” from my pantry/stockpile and donate it to local charities.  I take five food items and donate to our food pantry at church.  I also take five household/personal items and donate them to a local home for women and children who have suffered from domestic violence.  I never got around to posting my tithe from last week, so here it is.

For the shelter:

1 bag cough drops

1 Covergirl foundation

1 Covergirl pressed powder

1 bottle contact solution

1 bottle Dulcolax

For the food pantry:

1 pkg tuna

1 pkg Yakisoba noodles

1 bottle A-1

1 box pasta

1 carton chicken broth


One Response to “Pantry Tithe”

  1. I really admire how you tithe from your pantry. That is a wonderful idea. I’m thinking of how I can do this too! Thanks,

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