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Saved 50% at Kroger! April 29, 2010

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At Kroger, I spent $9.84 and saved $9.95 or 50%.
2 Tropicana OJ….$1.88 each
1 Kroger ice cream sandwiches…nc…1.00
2 crescent rolls….0.60 each
3 cinnamon rolls…0.60 each
1 cinnamon rolls….0.20 (man. Q and cellfire)
1 gallon milk…nc…1.88


Saved 84% at Publix!

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At Publix, I spent $16.81 + tax and saved $89.09 or 84%.
1 Pepperidge Farms Texas Toast……..1.29
4 Scrubbing Bubbles……0.42 OVERAGE! (used man. Q and Publix Q)
2 Shout…..0.11 OVERAGE!!
3 Oscar Mayer lunch meat…1.00 each (maybe less, but I can’t remember which coupons I used!)
4 Edwards Singles…0.25 each
3 Cascadian Farms frozen fruit….1.97 for all
6 Green Giant Veggies….0.40 each
2 Simply Potatoes…0.75 each
4 Ziploc bags….0.38 for all
2 Snyder’s organic pretzels…0.50 each
1 pkg Kraft sliced
1 Publix sour…0.50
1 Quaker oats…1.55
1 Pompeian Olive oil….nc…5.50
1 dozen
1 Kraft parmesan cheese…0.99 (used man. Q and Publix Q)
Also used a $5/50 coupon


RiteAid Is Paying Me $2.87 For Taking This!!

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At RiteAid, I spent 3.13 + tax and will get back $6 in SCR!  So, basically, they are PAYING me $2.87 for taking all of this!
1 Blue Bell ice cream….nc…3.99
2 Russell Stover candy eggs….nc…0.08 each
2 Dove shampoos…1.50 each
2 Reach toothbrushes…..2.00 for both
2 Stayfree….0.01 OVERAGE on each
Also used a $5/20 and a 1.00 off oral care wellnes coupon. Will get back $3 SCR for Dove and $3 SCR for Reach.


Spent 0.36 Plus Tax at CVS!

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At CVS, I spent 0.36 + tax and saved 21.58! I got back $11 in ECBs
2 Irish Springs body wash….1.99 each
2 Oral B toothbrushes……0.99 for both
2 CVS sunscreen….2.19 each
Got back $4 ECB for Irish Springs, $2 ECB for toothbrushes, and $5 ECB for sunscreen.


Saving at Walgreens!!!

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I made two stops in Walgreens this week.

On the first stop, I did two transactions. Picture is of both transactions together.
Trans. #1—Spent 0.86 and saved 22.28! Got back $5 in RR
1 9 pack Northern toilet paper….3.50
1 TGIF snacks….0.11 OVERAGE
1 Scotch packing tape…0.01 OVERAGE
1 Plackers…..1.50
2 Reach toothbrushes…2.01 OVERAGE (Used BOGO and $2 coupon from dentist + 2.00 in-ad coupon)
1 Skintimate shave cream…nc…2.99
Trans. #2—Spent 0.35 and saved 22.49! Got back $8 in RR
1 TGIF snacks…0.11 OVERAGE
1 Plackers…1.50
1 Stayfree…0.99
1 Scotch packing tape…0.01 OVERAGE
2 Reach floss….2.01 OVERAGE (Used BOGO and $2 coupon from dentist + 2.00 in-ad coupon)
1 Skintimate shave cream…nc…2.99

On my next trip, I spent 0.47 + tax and saved $31.06 or 99%. Plus I got back $8 in RRs.
1 Stayfree….0.99
1 Tone body wash…nc…3.99
2 Maxwell House decaf coffee…3.00 each
2 Reach toothbrushes….OVERAGE of 2.01 (Used in-ad coupon, BOGO coupon, and a $2 coupon from the dentist office)
1 Plackers….nc…2.00
Got back $3 RR for Stayfree, $3 RR for Tone, and $2 RR for Plackers


Look What I Won!!! April 26, 2010

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I’m so excited!!  I participated in the Ultimate Blog Party a couple of weeks ago.  I found lots of great, new blogs and entered many cool giveaways.  I actually won one of the giveaways that I entered!  I won the partybox that was being given away here, and it came in the mail today!  I had so much fun taking out each gift one at a was packed full!!  Here’s what was in it:

Joyce Meyer Everyday Life Bible

A very pretty journal and a pack of gel pens

A box of Rainbow chip cake mix and Funfetti frosting

A pkg of cupcake liners

A $10 Amazon gift certificate

Assorted vegetable and flower seeds

A pkg of Knorr vegetable dip mix

Bath and Body Works Kitchen Lemon soap

Bath and Body Works Mango Mandarin body cream

A bag of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee

A bag of Andes mints

Two Yankee candles:  Sunsweet Melon, and Tropical Mango

See why I was so excited!  Pretty cool, huh?  Thanks again for the gift, Linda!!  You all should check out Linda’s blog here!  I found out that she and I have a lot in common!

What about you?  Did any of you participate in the Ultimate Blog Party?  And if you did, did you win a cool giveaway?


Weekly Totals April 24, 2010

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Here are my totals for the week:
Spent 35.33
Saved 162.87
Total Savings 82%
+ Produce co-op of 12.50, so total spent for the week for all grocery, household and personal items for my family of 5 is 47.83!!