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Friday Freebies!!! March 19, 2010

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Here is a picture of all the items that I got for FREE this week!!!  Also free, but not included in the picture:

10 pouches Bumble Bee tuna

1 box Kroger tampons

4 cans DelMonte tomatoes

1 bottle Mott’s apple juice

2 pkg Reach dental floss

1 Lady SpeedStick deoderant

1 bottle SunDown Vit. D

1 bottle SunDown Vit. B-6

1 pkg Buddig lunch meat

2 pkg Fast Fixin’s chicken tenders


2 Responses to “Friday Freebies!!!”

  1. Gerena Edwin Says:

    How do you get all this for free???

  2. Actually, it’s really easy to get free items like this every week! Most items are sale items that are paired with man. coupons and/or store coupons (the lunch meat, cheese, rice, butter, candy and lunchables). Some are items that are free after rebate (neosporin, bandaids, first aid tape, etc). Some items were “bought” with “store money” at Walgreens and CVS (orange juice, toilet paper, some of the candy, etc.). Some items I had “free” coupons for (cereal, yogurt). And some items were obtained free by getting overage on other items (chicken tenders, etc.) Hope this helps!

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