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78% Savings at Publix!!! March 12, 2010

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At Publix, this week, I spent 18.14 and saved 66.08 for a total savings of 78%.
2 boxes Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch….1.00 each
2 Aunt Jemima syrup….1.40 each
1 lb baby carrots…0.84
2 bottles Sundown vit. D….2.02 in OVERAGE!!!
1 bag Ruffles potato chips…nc….2.00
1 box Quaker True Delights….0.75
2 jars Bertolli pasta sauce….0.25 each
1 box Puffs tissues…FREE!
1 Digiornio 200 cal pizza….FREE!
2 2pks Dayquil….0.21 OVERAGE on each!!
2 Oscar Mayer sub sandwich lunchables….0.25 each
1 roll Bounty…0.99
2 Sure for men deoderant….FREE!
1 bag Mahatma brown rice….1.19
6 bags Kraft shredded cheese….0.67 each (look for blinkies!!)
3 lb bag Fuji apples…nc…3.29
4 bags Wise cheese doodles (raincheck)….0.50 each


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