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Saved 41% and 83% at Kroger! March 5, 2010

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At Kroger, I spent 17.07 and saved 12.02 for a savings of 41%.
1 gallon milk…nc…1.99
1 Tropicana
2.13 lbs fresh asparagus…nc…3.15
1 pk Kroger…2.29
1 Turtle Chex mix…FREE!! (man.Q and cellfire)
1 pkg Old El Paso tortillas…nc…1.00
2 containers LiteHouse spinach/parmesan dip….0.50 each
1 fresh pineapple…nc…2.50
1 pkg hotdog
2.79 lbs bananas…nc….1.37

I also made another quick trip to Kroger today.  I spent 1.27 and saved 6.29 for a total savings of 83%!! No picture, but here is what I got:

1 gallon milk
1 carton Tropicana OJ
1 dozen eggs
1 King Size Reeses


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