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67% Savings at Publix! March 5, 2010

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At Publix, I spent 16.61 + tax and saved 33.10 for a savings of 67%.

1 jar Blue Plate mayo….2.89
1 container strawberries….nc…1.67
1 bag fresh spinach….nc…2.00
1 box Oreo cakesters…..FREE!!
3 lb bag apples….nc…3.29
1 box Mrs. Paul’s fillets…..FREE!!
1 box Ronzoni lasagna…….0.65
4 blocks Kraft cheese….0.67 each
1 Pam Spray…1.00
1 bag Thomas’ bagels…1.00
2 Fisher Fusions…0.50 each
2 Ragu sauces…..0.22 each


One Response to “67% Savings at Publix!”

  1. Maranda Says:

    That is a great price for the cheese. Don’t you just love Publix! I love being able to go and not spend a whole $20 bill! You can check out my weekly savings and link your site there as well!

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