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Want a Free Pen? February 23, 2010

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Uniball is giving away FREE pens to the first 10,000 people who register every day through April 30!!  You just need to go here and register.  If you’re not one of the first 10,000 today, try again tomorrow!  I’ve already received my pen plus a 1.00 off coupon.  The pen writes really well!!



97% Savings at Walgreens!!! February 21, 2010

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At Walgreens, I spent 1.25 + tax and saved 45.94 for a total savings of 97%.  I will do the Venus/Olay deal one more time, then submit for the $15.00 Olay rebate.  (I hope…I need to see the dates for this rebate!!)

8 Hershey bars….less than 0.10 each!
4 bags Hershey’s pieces candy….1.50 each.  Got back 5.00 RR, so made the bags 0.25 each!
1 Gillette Venus razor…6.99.   Got back a $4.00 RR, so made the razor 2.99
1 large bottle Olay body wash….FREE.  Used free coupon when you buy Venus razor.
1 box Excedrin Menstrual….0.50.   Got back a $2.00 RR, so a 1.50 money maker!!


Saved 66% at Publix!!

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At Publix, I spent $36.12 + tax and saved 70. 26 for a total savings of 66%!! (2 pictures below)

2 loaves Coles garlic bread….0.15 each
2.31 lbs red…3.90
1 bag Romaine…nc…2.50
1 box Tampax Pearl….FREE from cat at Kroger!!
1 bag Pretzel Crisps….0.60
6 boxes Muellers pasta….0.31 each
2 Wishbone salad dressing….0.57 each
5 boxes Kraft mac and cheese…0.39 each
2 CoffeeMate creamers….OVERAGE of 0.41!!!!
1 carton Florida’s Natural OJ….1.85
1 bag onions…nc…2.79
2 Nyquil 2ct packs….OVERAGE of 0.42!!!
1 Classico pasta…1.24
1 large pack chicken leg quarters…nc…2.93
3 large cans Hunts tomatoes….0.65 each
3 Pillsbury pizza crusts….0.87 each
1 Emerald Trail mix….0.50
2 boxes Betty Crocker muffin mix….0.30 each
2 4-pk Kings Hawaiian rolls…..FREE!!
0.69 lbs plum tomatoes…nc…0.89
1 roll aluminum foil….nc…0,87
1 cucumber…nc…0.75
1 box Beechnut rice cereal….FREE!!
2 jars Beechnut baby food…FREE!!
3 lb bag apples…nc…3.29
5 lb bag potatoes…nc…2.49
4 boxes Special K granola (raincheck)….0.50 each
1 box Puffs tissues….FREE!!!


Only Spent 3.80 + tax at Kroger…..89% Savings!!!

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I did really good at Kroger tonight!!!  I spent $3.80 + tax and saved $32.33 for a total savings of 89%!!!  I used two $4 catalinas to help pay, and I got back a catalina for a free box of Tampax Pearl tampons.  This is the 3rd one of these that I’ve gotten recently!  Not sure what triggers it, but I’ll sure take it!!

1 dozen eggs…nc..1.39
1 Sunny D…0.50
1 lb….0.78
4 Reach toothbrushes….all FREE!!!
4 Reach dental floss…..all FREE!!!
2 cans corn…nc..0.67 each
1 can cream chix soup….nc…0.79
1 pack Reynolds cupcake liners….nc…1.19
1 box Hormel Little Sizzlers…nc….1.00
1 bunch celery…nc….1.61
1 bunch parsley…nc…0.89
2.67 lbs bananas…nc…1.31
2 loaves Healthy Life bread….FREE!!!
1 pkg hamburger buns…nc…1.00


Free Stuff at RiteAid!!!

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I got everything in the picture below for 5.49 + tax.  I’ll get back 6.00 in Single Check Rebates, so all of it ends up being FREE!!!!


Weekly Totals…..75% Savings!!! February 20, 2010

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I finished all of my shopping for the week!  For my family of 5 for all grocery and household/personal items, I spent $69.40 and saved $204.20 for a total savings of 75%!!!!  What kind of savings did you have this week?


Toothpaste Deal at Walgreens!

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There’s a good deal on Crest toothpaste at Walgreens, if you’re in need of toothpaste right now.
The Crest cavity protection toothpaste 6.4oz is priced at 2.59. In the Walgreens Feb. booklet, there is a coupon for 1.50 off. Stack this with the 0.75 coupon from the 2-7 PG, and you’ll get toothpaste for 0.34 a tube! Good price if you need toothpaste right now!