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Target: Spent 1.36 +Tax; Saved 91% February 24, 2010

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I rarely go to Target, but since I was in the area, I thought I would stop in and work a few deals!!!  Glad I did!  I got everything in this picture for 1.36 + tax!!!

Have you done any shopping at Target lately?  Care to share any great deals!?!


3 Responses to “Target: Spent 1.36 +Tax; Saved 91%”

  1. Brittany Says:

    Great job! I have been haivng trouble with the Bath Buddies deal lately. They always want to call a manager over. I am glad to see some Targets are honoring the coupon.

  2. lisa Says:

    Last week Target had a deal with razors… I bought a mens Fusion razor, a womens Venus razor, (they were on sale for $6.99) plus when you bought 2 you got a $5.00 Target gift card. I also had $7.00 in razor coupons, plus a free Olay body wash ($5.69).. I paid $8.10 out of pocket but got a $5.oo gift card.. So its like I paid $1.00 per item. I saved $24.00 on 3 items!!! consindering this was my first coupon experince, I was dancing across the parking lot! LoL 🙂

  3. Leslie Says:

    Cool. Looks like you had a super successful trip. After a bunch of hunting, I was able to find the body washes too.

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