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Only Spent 3.80 + tax at Kroger…..89% Savings!!! February 21, 2010

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I did really good at Kroger tonight!!!  I spent $3.80 + tax and saved $32.33 for a total savings of 89%!!!  I used two $4 catalinas to help pay, and I got back a catalina for a free box of Tampax Pearl tampons.  This is the 3rd one of these that I’ve gotten recently!  Not sure what triggers it, but I’ll sure take it!!

1 dozen eggs…nc..1.39
1 Sunny D…0.50
1 lb….0.78
4 Reach toothbrushes….all FREE!!!
4 Reach dental floss…..all FREE!!!
2 cans corn…nc..0.67 each
1 can cream chix soup….nc…0.79
1 pack Reynolds cupcake liners….nc…1.19
1 box Hormel Little Sizzlers…nc….1.00
1 bunch celery…nc….1.61
1 bunch parsley…nc…0.89
2.67 lbs bananas…nc…1.31
2 loaves Healthy Life bread….FREE!!!
1 pkg hamburger buns…nc…1.00


2 Responses to “Only Spent 3.80 + tax at Kroger…..89% Savings!!!”

  1. Olivia Says:

    Very cool! Great shopping!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Good shopping! I love the deals you can get at Kroger!!

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