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Free Stuff at RiteAid!!! February 21, 2010

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I got everything in the picture below for 5.49 + tax.  I’ll get back 6.00 in Single Check Rebates, so all of it ends up being FREE!!!!


2 Responses to “Free Stuff at RiteAid!!!”

  1. Linda Hart Says:

    Please tell me what and how to get single check rebate.
    Thank You. Linda Hart

    • Hi Linda!
      Single Check Rebates (SCR) are RiteAid’s savings program. It’s really easy! Each week (usually), there will be several items that offer a SCR. They will be clearly marked in the weekly ad. Sometimes the item will be free after SCR, sometimes not. For instance, the Lamilsil that I purchased was on sale for 7.99 and it had a 6.00 SCR. I had a 3.00 coupon, so I paid 4.99 for it, but will get back 6.00, making it a 1.01 moneymaker! To get your SCR, just create an account at Every time you purchase something at RiteAid that is offering a SCR, simply log onto your account and enter the required info from your receipt…….they’ll tell you exactly what they need. Continue doing this all month, then at the end of the month, you can request your check for all the SCRs that you qualified for for that month. The check will come to you in the mail. It’s in the form of a postcard. You can take it to your bank and deposit/cash it just like any other check!
      Hope this helps!

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